Wednesday, September 03, 2008

CRAFTIVISM: Deadline to support TCA's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign coming soon!

Rethink sent along this retro-cute “office training” video to encourage inter-office sales of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer gear, part of a breast cancer awareness fundraising campaign that the TCA is participating in. This is a campaign designed for inter-office sales, but we thought we’d give it a go in the TCA community since so many of us are part of the group that this initiative affects. For the full details please check out this post.

Our shop will close September 15th, so there is still some time to pitch in and purchase a t-shirt (men & women’s!), tote, or scarf. We are pretty (okay, painfully) far from our target – so any bit helps. Tell your friends! Buy some early holiday gifts with heart! Let’s be the underdog with the surprise finish! Go team crafty!


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