Sunday, August 10, 2008

FROM THE DESK OF TCA: Help TCA fundraise for Breast Cancer

Fashion Targets

To all our dear readers,

We at the TCA have joined Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, a great initiative that is raising money for the breast cancer cause through the sale of style-savvy tees, totes & scarves (c’mon admit it, it’s going to get colder). Most of you will have seen over the past number of years, perhaps on the backs of friends or celebrities, the Fashion Targets symbol t-shirts. Well, Rethink Breast Cancer, a charity devoted to people affected by breast cancer under the age of 40, uses the selling of apparel with this symbol as their major fundraiser, with 100% of the profits going to breast cancer awareness, research, and support. As a bonus the stuff is actually nice – the tees are Canadian-made by local charitable label Shared and the graphic is iconic and stylish.

The reason why we have partnered with Rethink Breast Cancer is that they do a lot of amazing work targeting younger women. The needs of women under 40 who have breast cancer are vastly different to those who are older, perhaps settled down and beyond the baby-making years. For instance, imagine finding out you have to undergo a mastectomy while in the early stages of a romantic relationship – scary in a very particular way. Since many TCA readers are in this age group we thought that this is an important focus to take in fundraising for breast cancer.

TCA has signed on as a champion – a rep who sells the apparel – and we are looking to you, our readers to help reach our goal of raising $2,500. Rethink has been mainly after corporations to take on this initiative simply because of the sheer number of people that work in those offices. We believe in the ability of the craft community to achieve big things when we set our minds to something we care about – that in fact we have the potential of raising so much more than a huge Bay Street firm. Let’s show them who really has the power and that we, through the solidarity of the crafty network, can make a difference.

If you’d like to get on board, visit our shop page here and get to buying. Or forward the link( or this post to friends, family & co-workers. If you are a shop, gallery, or blog who has your own network you can spread the word to, get in touch or just go ahead and repost this wherever you see fit.

With love,

The TCA Team


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