Sunday, August 05, 2007

om home 4490 line

Congrats to Toronto-based designer Oorbee Roy of OM home, who has landed a spot at the New York International Gift Fair in the prestigious Handmade division. If you happen to be in NYC between August 11-15, 2007, catch Oorbee’s lovely work at booth 1D209.

All of Oorbee’s patterns tell a story, and OM home’s new line, “4490” is no exception.

4490, the number in Montreal of the first house the designer came as a new bride - homesick and apprehensive but hopeful. Choosing to mark her new territory in a bold way, the designer painted a freeform Alpona mural on the ceiling [TCA note: you may remember this pattern from a previous post]. With her life turned upside down, translating a technique usually reserved for floors onto the ceiling seemed only logical and more importantly, helped the designer feel at home in an unknown city. While the murals have since been painted over by the new owner, the pattern has found a new home in the luxurious 4490 pillows.

The embroidery styles are also new to OM home, one with lush hand embroidered threadwork and the other adorned with heavy hand embroidered zardozi work, an embroidery style using metallic thread dating from the Mughal Empire.

OM Home 4490 1
OM Home 4490 3

See more of Oorbee’s work on the OM home website:


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