Friday, January 16, 2009

Intern Top Picks v2

Anyone who lives in west-end Toronto will understand why this edition of Intern Top Picks is a little late. 24hr power outage! No heat, no water, no internet! To those who were cold and internet-less, here are some craft/art/design top picks to make the night a little better!

Amy says:
Image by J. Morgan Puett

1. J. Morgan Puett
Photography to inspire your craft. Architecture, antiquities, textiles, and more.

2. Lizzy Stewart
Her very cute blog combines her own work (gorgeous line drawings and watercolours) with design, fashion, craft - she has wonderful taste.

3. hanna konola
hanna's work is perfect - childlike and very scandinavian. She makes illustration-filled mini-zines as well.

4. The Call of the (Art) Mall
Interesting article on the Spacing blog (which every Torontoian should read) about art installations at the mall. Smart idea, maybe we crafters should run with it?

5. essimar
essimar has the best ever sense of colour.

Rosalyn says:
Image by Tara Donovan

1. Tara Donovan
Tara Donovan's work has inspired me in a lot of ways. I love her use of regular mundane objects and installing them in very organic and beautiful displays. Ever since my friend introduced me to her work, I fell in love.

2. fffound
An awesome collective kind of site that involves users to post found images. It's interesting to see what people post up! I'm not good at photography, so I envy those who have a good eye!

Art School Girl
Because i like paper goods and all things pretty.

4. Hula Seventy
I have followed this blog...since...2005... The author of this blog is an amazing photographer and her pictures are full of amazing colours. I enjoy her photobooth project.

Wild Olive
I came across this crafty blog randomly lately and enjoy her cutesy characters. My favorite is probably the poptart. Mmm strawberry poptarts :)

Caitlyn says:
Image by Erin Dollar

1. Nigel Peake
I can't get enough of his clean line drawings, and all of his perfect thoughts and it's just all so good!

2. UPPERCASE journal

The journal for the UPPERCASE store based out of Calgary puts together really great entries on visual culture. My personal favourite feature is Type Tuesdays.

3. for me, for you

A great daily-ish blog about a New Yorker girls everyday life, design, fashion, etc!

4. I Made You A Beard

Super talented lady out of Portland who makes really interesting beards for anyone to wear!

5. Garance Doré

A great French blog about fashion and life in France.

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