Thursday, January 01, 2009

TCA INTERN TOP PICKS: New Year's Day Edition!

Happy 2009! Along with a new site (coming soon!), the TCA is launching the Intern Top Picks, a brand-new column for the brand-new year. Put together by the TCA interns, the column will feature our favourite craft blogs, artist sites, handmade wonders, and more! Now, let's begin the first ever Intern Top Picks!

Amy says:
Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

Jillian Tamaki is my new favourite artist of all time, and she updates her sketchbook/blog all the time with gorgeous new work. Her illustrations are so lush and perfectly detailed.

Here is how I will justify including a completely fashion-based blog in this list: it seems like in various Scandinavian street style blogs (this is also good, though hel-looks is the very best) the fashion-savvy folks being photographed always have at least one or two items that are handmade. I think we live in a culture where handmade is a little more abstract to our daily lives - we like handmade, we are encouraged to buy handmade, but most of us (outside the TCA community, of course) aren't actively making and wearing handmade items as part of our everyday wardrobe. Very inspiring for the combinations of handmade (interestingly termed "self made" in Scandinavian-speak) and thrift clothing, and the little mini-interviews with each person are always wonderful.

My favourite Etsy staff member, who honestly has the exact same taste in everything as me, updates her tumblr with pictures and vids all the time, and they're pretty inspiring/exciting.

Lauren Nassaf does a drawing a day, forever, and they're almost overly beautiful. I always start my day with her newest drawing.

How to make a tiny chipmunk! It is very important to have more tiny animals in your life, as many as possible.

Rosalyn says:
Photo by Ghostface Knittah/Old Weston

1. I Heart Linen
I am totally loving linen and she's got an amazing shop to drool over.

2. Ghostface Knittah/Old Weston
Kalpna is a local craftster with amazing jewelry and other crafty skills.

Blogsite by Julia Rothman consisting of amazing books she has collected. Her work is also linked on her blog.

She creates sweet illustrations and beautiful installations using her drawings and paper art.

5. Girls Who Draw
Because illustration is awesome.

Caitlyn says:
Image by Ray Fenwick

A great website for finding new artists and ideas. Make sure to check out their magazine - mankind magazine!

Lena Corwin

A great artist's blog focusing on her everyday life, her inspirations and her wonderful creations.

3. Design Sponge

A great daily blog that features home design as well as some pretty nifty products.

4. Ray Fenwick

I recently acquired his book, Hall of Best Knowledge, and since then I can't get enough of his wonderfully quirky and talented creations!

5. Mike Perry

Super talented and always a reminder to keep on making for the sake of your art.

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Anonymous artist said...

thanks for these top picks.

11:54 a.m.  
Blogger grandmaindustries said...

Thank you TCA interns! Hurrah!

2:11 p.m.  

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