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GET SCHOOLED: Anarres Natural Health Workshops, Events, and Specials (January-Februrary)

Upcoming Workshops, Events and Specials

What: DIY Natural Cleaning Party!

When: Monday, January 12 from 6 to 8 pm
Where: Aangen Community Centre, 868 Dovercourt Road north of Bloor
$20 plus $5 materials. Proceeds will be split between Aangen and Women's Voices for The Earth. Register at:
Phone: 416.519.9800 E-mail:

A Do-It-Yourself green cleaning party in partnership with Women's Voices for the Earth, an inspiring women's environmental health organization working to educate consumers about chemicals in cleaning products. You'll go home with your very own set of easy-to-make cleaning products (plus recipes) that have been tested for effectiveness and are good for your health and the environment! Bring empty spritzer and squeeze bottles for yourself and to share.

What: Swap, Sniff and Shop: Swap Your Unwanted Gifts and Get What You Want!

When: Wednesday, January 21st, 6 to 8 pm.
Where: Anarres Natural Health Clinic, College & Ossington

Cost: FREE, but RSVP and bring unwanted gifts to swap with others

Combat Post-Christmas Let-Down with a Swap, Sniff and Shop evening at Anarres Natural Health Clinic. Before my unwanted gifts get freecycled or posted on Craig's List, I thought I'd give us an opportunity to swap! Swap anything from stationery to sweaters, from short breads to socks. And if you didn't get what you wanted, or you got a little spending money, you can buy yourself tea lights or incense, or essential oils, or soaps, or custom shampoo or conditioner, or mouthwash, or toothpaste or...!!! I'll also have my newest ingredients out for you to try out and learn about: calamus essential oil, pumpkin seed carrier oil, flax seed oil, rice bran oil, cassia essential oil, Chinese and thuja cedarwood essential oils, ginger grass essential oil, French pink clay, bulk organic glycerine soap by the 100 g, raw (purple!) cacao butter, vanilla pods and roasted cocoa butter from local horizontal traders ChocoSol, magical incenses Psychic, Spirit, Power, Money and Clearance.

What: Make Your Own Natural Perfumes

When: Friday, January 30, 6 to 8 pm
Anarres Natural Health Clinic, College & Ossington
Cost: $50, $30 pre registered, 2 for $25 each.
Contact: To RSVP, for address and other info 416.535.9620 or

Humankind has been developing the art and science of perfumery since the time of the Neanderthal. Learn the basics of the art of perfumery using life giving carrier oils, flower waters and extracts and luxurious essential oils. You'll learn about top, middle and base notes, select a perfume type, and concoct your own entrancing, energizing or therapeutic scent from a selection of dozens of pure essential oils. You'll come away with 10 ml of your custom perfume to keep or give as a gift, plus skills that can serve you for a lifetime for a fraction of the cost of a toxic commercial perfume.

What: Organic Glycerine Soap Workshop for Kids & Caregivers

When: Saturday, February 7 from 1 to 4 pm
Where: Aangen Community Centre, 868 Dovercourt Road north of Bloor
$25 plus $5 materials.
Register at:
Phone: 416.519.9800 E-mail:

Love to use or give those beautiful clear glycerine soaps with flowers, or toy spiders, photos, or secret messages inside? The vast majority of melt and pour soaps have preservatives and sodium laurel sulphates in them, but Anarres serves up healthful-ness in light amber coloured vegetable glycerine soap made with organically grown oils. You'll learn how to melt, pour, set, cut and package 6 soaps hand made by you. We'll experiment with adding goodies like natural clays for colour, butters such as cocoa and shea for skin benefits and flowers, messages or ornaments for fun. Best of all it's safe, fun and makes 6 great gifts for Valentine's Day... but you'll want to keep one for yourself!

What: The Love Lab: DIY Natural Lube & Mojo Massage Oils

When: Monday, February 9 from 6 to 8 pm
Where: Aangen Community Centre, 868 Dovercourt Road north of Bloor
$25 plus $5 materials. Register at:
Phone: 416.519.9800 E-mail:

Come and get your customized Mojo Massage Oil and DIY with Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner. You'll learn about slippery, water-based, safe, tasty and healing ingredients, and make your own lube for the cost of half a tube! Get that petroleum off your crotch! PEG is NOT your friend! Neither is propylene glycol, glycerin, colouring, fragrances or any of those unreadable chemical ingredients that appear on the labels of commercial sexual lubricants, if they appear on the label at all. Aside from the harmful ingredients and punishing price tag, the lubes come in non refillable plastic, toxifying our planet a further 575 years after use! Make your own mojo to fit your mood. What a gift for you AND your beloved!

What: Mamalicious! Fun to Make, Safe Recipes for Mother and Baby Workshop

When: Monday, February 16 from 6 to 8 pm
Where: Aangen Community Centre, 868 Dovercourt Road north of Bloor
$25 plus $5 materials. Register at:
Phone: 416.519.9800 E-mail:

This hands-on workshop will have you creating nourishing, delicious concoctions with natural ingredients that are safe for mother and baby! You'll be horrified to learn what ingredients are commonly found in baby oil, wipes, creams and soaps and learn how to find or make healthful alternatives. You'll go away with new-found knowledge and expertise, armed with recipes and sample goodies for the mamas and babes in your life.

Anarres in-Clinic Workshops are also offered by request, your space or mine:

BOOK A PARTY (5 friends!), CLASS OR WORKSHOP Call for more info: 416 535 9620

Anarres' workshops are relaxing and fun and take place at Anarres Natural Health Clinic, College & Ossington. Classes are limited to six participants so that everyone gets a semi private lesson experience. There's fruit, veggies and dip to snack on, and, as always, a choice of cool crystal water or refreshing tea. There are always goodies to take home, as well as new found knowledge and skills.

2. Specials for January, 2009:

Pay What You Want Wednesdays

In January, book an appointment from 9 am through 5 pm on a Wednesday and pay what you want (normally $60 an hour!)

Full one and a half hour treatments:Aroma Facial, Aroma Bodywork, Customized (mix and match) Bodywork, Caregiver & baby/child Bodywork, Detox Treatment, Qi Stone Therapy (hot rocks are used to deeply massage the body, with layouts of hot and cold stones to relax and re-energize)

One Hour Treatments: Foot Spa (whirlpool and reflexology), Qi Drop Therapy (selected essential oils are dropped on the spine and shoulders combined with light massage to initiate healing), Customized Body and Energy Work, Chakra Workout (Meditration, Balancing and Oil Treatment)

Half Hour Treatments: Aroma Consultation, FAR Infra Red Sauna, Foot Whirlpool, Ion Cleansing Foot Detoxification, Neck and Shoulder Work, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology Session, Reiki Session, Chakra Balancing

Hypnotherapy for Healing ~ 30 minutes FREE and Sliding Scale:

Hypnotism is a state of attentive, receptive relaxation

in which we speak to our vast subconscious mind

without the interfering chatter of the conscious mind.

You design the session with me, build powerful suggestions,

remain conscious throughout the session and

learn to reinforce changes with exercises to do in daily life.

What is it worth to you to lose your cravings, give up unwanted habits with ease, improve your nutrition and build the body you want, overcome fears and barriers of every sort? Try one session ~ with a 30 minute consultation for FREE ~ and experience the effects unfold over the coming month, or book a 3, 6 or ten session change program at progressive discounts. I charge a unique sliding scale of $100 to $200 an hour in accordance with guild standards. Contact: Tracey TieF 416 535 9620 Feel free to forward this 30 minute free offer to your friends and colleagues.

Winter Cycling Bonus!

Ride your bicycle to Anarres for any treatment, and get a half hour bonus for FREE!

Why? Because you DESERVE it!

Let me know when you book your time so that I can extend your appointment.


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