Friday, January 30, 2009

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: World of Threads Festival 2009

From the World of Threads Festival website:

"For seventeen days we showcase traditional and contemporary experimental approaches to fiber, including wall hangings, sculpture, installations, quilting, hooking, lace-making, knitting, weaving, embroidery, crocheting, paper-making, felting, stitched canvas, mixed media, soft sculpture, wearable art, recycling materials, plastics manipulation, basketry, conceptual work and performance."

This sounds like a craftstravagaza for fiber arts lovers. Carpool anyone?
There are a number of calls for entry on the website, for specific exhibitions and for the show at large. Here's some more info they sent along:


World of Threads Festival 2009
September 18 - October 4 2009
Oakville´s biennial celebration of Fibre Arts
Quilting,Spinning,Weaving, Knitting, Hooking, Tatting, Embroidery

Oakville is proud to present once again our local, National and International forum for the Fibre Arts.
Calls for entry for Common Thread, nine lives are now available online.
Guilded Threads and Salón des Refuses will be also displaying works from our 6 local fibre guilds.
Visit our web page and sign onto our facebook to share interests online.
Also in our web-page, find out about past works, Award winners from Festival 2007, press reviews and much more.


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