Saturday, December 27, 2008

ECOCRAFT: Kootsac re-usable bulk bags


I am a bit of a compulsive plastic bag avoider (which has lead to many a purse covered in bulk peanut butter & curious stares from passersby as I attempt to transport more than I can possibly carry sans bag), so I was really excited when I came across these Canadian-made eco bulk bags on sk├Âna life.

Here is a description of the bags from maker of The Kootsac:

One day, while shopping in my favorite natural food store, I suddenly realized how much plastic filled our shopping carts. Beautiful organic nuts, grains, pulses and other healthy dried goods go home in a zillion plastic bags. I was appalled when I considered how many plastic bags we throw away in a year.

I wanted to find an alternative. They needed to be lightweight, yet strong, re-usable, washable and would fasten with a twist tie. They had to be capable of holding any bulk food item, even flour, without leakage.

As a clothing designer and textile artist I felt that I could come up with some alternative to this problem.

I've been using my ripstop nylon 'Kootsac' bags now for more than a year and I'm really pleased with them. I know you will be too.

Visit the Etsy site here & be sure to check out their handy FAQs as well.

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Blogger KarenSloan-WallflowerStudio said...

I hate plastic grocery bags as well. Had tons of them stuffed in one of those fabric holders, which hung on the back of my bathroom door for ages. However, now that I'm making Papier-mache sculpture, those bags are being recycled into, (literally) my art.
Everyone I know is giving me their plastic bags that have been hanging around the house, and I happily stuff my sculptures with them!
Cheers and Happy New Year,
Karen Sloan - Wall Flower Studio

1:33 a.m.  
Blogger Heather said...

Great idea, but I'd want to know how much they weighed. You're paying for the weight of the bag whenever you buy something.

1:00 p.m.  

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