Tuesday, November 18, 2008

VENDOR CALL & CRAFT SHOW: Bennington Height Public School Craft Show/Sale (Vendor submission:ASAP, event: Nov 29)

Hi there.
We are hosting a Show/Sale at Bennington Heights Public School and
are looking for a few more vendors that offer unique products or services.

The show is coming up on November 29th
and we are accepting vendors this week
on a first come, first serve basis!

Basic Background:
This is a community show, the first of its kind. The show will draw members of Bennington Heights, Rosedale, Moore Park, and Leaside. This tends to be a very generous crowd and very supportive of community events.

We are limiting the
space to a specific number of vendors and will be exclusive where it makes sense to be - in other words, we don't want to have a multitude of jewelry vendors there for example, however, a variety of gift article vendors likely makes sense if they are completely different. If you know if any fellow creative types or contacts that may offer services of interest, please let them know to contact either one of us quickly.

Logistical Details:

Date: Saturday November 29,2008

Time: 9am - 3pm, set up is at 8am and we ask that you commit to being
there the entire duration of the show

Where: Bennington Heights Public School, 76 Bennington Heights Drive, cross
streets: Bayview/Moore

Cost: $40 per 6-8' table, pls plan to bring your own table or display - it
must not obstruct another vendor

Contacts: Vandana Puranik (vandana@activeingredients.ca ) or Traci Reynolds
(tracireynolds@rogers.com )
- both of us are vendors too and have
participated in a variety of shows, so be assured that we are in tune with vendor needs. Once we receive confirmation from you, we will provide our cell phone numbers for use that day or in case of emergencies.

What Next?
If you are interested in participating in this show, please email either one of us back quickly.
We will then forward a mini form for you to fill out.
It will ask for credit card information just to hold a spot - we will NOT charge anything against this card, but would ask that you pay in cash on the day of the event. All proceeds will be gifted to the school.

We are quite excited about the show and hope you are able to join us. Don't hesitate asking any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all..:)
Just wanted to say that I signed up as a vendor for this show. Unfortunately this show was a dud!!
The organisers said that "the BEST marketing techniques were empolyed and the parents(this was a school) couldn't wait to see the show" BS!!Soooo VERY dissappointing:(
O.K. people, if you are posing as a show organiser, you have to do your bit..Doncha think..???

10:31 a.m.  

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