Thursday, November 13, 2008

FROM THE DESK OF TCA: TCA on Shameless Blog

Well, it's actually me, Jen, that is on the Shameless blog, but I would not be there if it weren't for this whole Craft Alert thing, so...

Anyhoo, I would like to let you all know about a great new column started by TCA reader D. Cole Ossandon called Shameless Women. In her own words:

Every Thursday I profile a new incredible woman, each from a different walk of life. Different professions, causes, backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, and anything/everything else!

I really enjoyed doing this interview because, in the spirit of Shameless Magazine, I was asked a bunch of challenging questions that made me think about stuff i take for granted as having a handle on.

Check out the interview here, and get to know some other movers and shakers of the female persuasion here.


Anonymous D. Cole said...

Thanks Jen! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

8:52 p.m.  

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