Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CRAFTY BIZ: Trans-Canada Etsy Team


This holiday season, shoppers are spending their time and money more carefully than ever. Feeling pinched for both, many are skipping the lines at the mall and are instead opting to buy handmade items directly from artisans online. The Trans-Canada Etsy team is a group of Canadian artisans that sell their products online through the handmade shopping venue Etsy.com. Their team website, located at http://transcanadaetsyteam.blogspot.com, offers ways to search for and identify gifts handmade in Canada that are listed for sale on the internet.

"If people have to be careful with money this year, they really want to give a gift that is unique and distinctive," says Brandi Nicholauson, spokesperson for the Trans-Canada Etsy Team. "The problem is that unique and distinctive are usually not represented on the shelves at the mall or the big box stores. Buying an item that is handmade in Canada helps to support an artist directly and is a way to contribute positively to the Canadian economy. Shopping online allows you to save time, money and the frustration of battling the crowds at the mall."

Shopping online for handmade gifts is a growing trend demonstrated by the large number of crafting communities, blogs, and do-it-yourself sites that have popped up over the last few years. At the forefront of this movement is Etsy.com, which hosts well over 100,000 international artisans on its site.

Our own community is home to Michelle Hambourg, sole proprietor of My Belle Bijoux. Michelle is a jewellery designer that specializes in wire work and wood burning, for sale at mybellebijoux.etsy.com . Michelle is also a proud member of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team and will be offering FREE SHIPPING in her shop for the holidays. Below are some examples of her work.

Contact: Brandi Nicholauson transcanada.etsy@gmail.com


Blogger I Heart That! Dance said...

GO TCET! I love being part of this team, even if it does mean I'm surrounded by temptation all the time :D


8:45 a.m.  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Come and see me. I am a part of the team too! http://www.blackjam.etsy.com

Jen aka Jam

9:46 a.m.  
Blogger The_Gnarled_Branch said...

rock on girls, rock on.


-dave Mr. Gnarled

10:06 a.m.  
Blogger My Belle Bijoux said...

Hurray for the Torontonians on the team!

List your shop URLS here :)

10:07 a.m.  

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