Monday, October 13, 2008

SUPPLY YOUR HABIT: GlobalAware and Button Making Supplies

GlobalAware, the social justice group in Kensington Market, has now become a full distributor for button making machines, button parts and supplies with the possibility of keyrings, fridge magnets and mirror backs, etc. We supply the same price as the manufacturer in the US:, which means no shipping, no duty, and no brokerage fees. A Fair Deal!!! If we do not stock it we can supply anything they ave at the same advertised on their website. Come along for a button making demo!!

GlobalAware Independent Media Org.
19 Kensington Avenue
Kensington Market
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2J8
Tel: 416 204 1984
Cell: 647 405 1984

*** GlobalAware, is a collective of journalists, photographers, writers, graphic designers, web professionals and concerned individuals working towards environmental justice and social change ***


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