Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HELP WANTED: Kiln sought for ceramic transfer project

A note from TCA reader Rebecca:

photo credit: Carolyn Hack

Do any of the TCA Readers have access to a kiln they would be willing to rent?

My crafty friend and I are really quite susceptible to even the slightest hint of crafty fun. We recently came across this tutorial and want to give it a try. I think we've found a vendor who will print decals for us (though we'd prefer a Canadian supplier if anyone knows of one). What we need now is to find someone willing to rent kiln time so that we can fire the transfers to our glazed ceramicware and we're off to the races. If it's important to know, our plan is to create some dishes to give to friends and family as gifts. We aren't trying to compete with any of the wonderful ceramic artists out there for customers. Not sure if we could, even if we tried! We just really like to try new and fun things and wanted to give this a shot.


Please contact Rebecca here if you can help her out with this request.


Blogger sk said...

Hi Rebecca,

Would you be willing to share your decal-printing vendor with us? I too bookmarked that ceramics transfer tutorial and have been thinking about it ever since... unfortunately do not have kiln access, but i suppose it's fulfilling one step at a time...

10:52 a.m.  

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