Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CRAFTY BIZ: Puces POP's Lil' Biz Seminar in Montreal (September 20)

A note came through from Amy about a fantastic-sounding seminar taking place in Montreal as part of Puces POP, the POP Montreal-affiliated craft fair series. If you are in Montreal on September 20th and are looking for support regarding your small craft biz or art career, this is definitely something to check out.

Hi there, I'm writing to you from Puces POP (
puces.popmontreal.com) to let you know about a very special event that we're putting on this year as a warm up to the Puces POP craft fair. Lil' Biz is a brand new small business seminar designed for artists and crafters who are self-employed. Below you'll find the description followed by the breakdown of each workshop. You'll also find our flyer attached please post this on your blog or website or forward it to your mailing list. The $30 fee gets you all 4 workshops and a light lunch, what a deal! To register please email puces.pop@gmail.com. If you would like any of this information in French please let me know. Thank you for your time, Amy Johnson

Lil' Biz Seminar

When: September 20
Where: Mile-End Library (5434 Parc)
Price: $30

A Puces POP first! Lil' Biz is day long seminar for self-employed artists and crafters. We've invited four business brainiacs to tell you about topics ranging from online representation to the best ways to promote yourself. Featuring "DIY Business and 'The Man'" with Dan LaCroix; "Art, Craft & the Internet" with The Pinpals; "Get Known" with Peggy Burns; and "Documenting your Work: Digital Photography" with Erik Osberg. Space is limited, so sign up now!

DIY Business and "The Man"
Dan LaCroix-Accountant

Learn what it means to work for your self from freelance accountant and financial advisor Dan LaCroix whose clientele includes many non-profits and local artists (like CKUT and POP Montreal!) He'll also be discussing some of the laws related to working for your self and how you can work them to your advantage (stick it to the man! ...sort of).

Documenting Your Work- Digital Photography
Erik Osberg- Photographer

Photographer Erik Osberg will be teaching you how to make your work look its best. Participants can expect an overview of the various aspects of documentation, attention being paid to digital technology.

Get Known
Peggy Burns- Drawn & Quarterly Publicist

Learn how to present yourself to the media with Peggy Burns the woman behind representing graphic novel publishing house Drawn & Quarterly. Peggy will teach you tips on self-promotion as well as the importance of putting together a proper press release with examples.

Art, Craft & the Internet
Sara Guindon & Sam Purdy- Artist duo behind Pin Pals

The Pin Pals will share the secrets the their online success. Topics discussed will include merchandising, self-promotion and marketing tools, using Etsy services, online shop appearance and keeping things interesting for the shopper. This workshop is not to be missed by anyone starting out with online sales or looking to increase the sales of their existing online shop.


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