Sunday, September 21, 2008

CRAFTY LIT: PistolPress Announces "Butcher's Block" & "We Will Be Fish"!

Revered Pistole-Verpackers:

Kann ich ein Buch-Buch erhalten?

Soft translation: "Can I get a book-book?"

Why yes you can. In fact, have two! That's right: the new books are finally here from PistolPress. So is the Large Hadron Collider, and that can be found here and here. Book publishers are focused on more important things than recreating the Big Bang (done) and destroying the universe (uninspired).

Fall Events 2008
Announcing PistolPress's first two Fall 2008 publications, launching this October!
written by Deanna Fongillustrated by Bilyana Ilievska

Deanna Fong's Butcher's Block reflects on one's emotional connection to fixed locales. Using the age-old conflation of food and sex as a vehicle, this collection of poetry negotiates consumption with wry language, poetic deftness, and incisive illustrations, remembering the trail of people left behind when one balances a domestic and nomadic way of life.
written & illustrated by Jp King

Jp King's We Will Be Fish follows the travels of Leopold Canary as he searches for his missing wife through the tattered remnants of our own cities, at times operating as an appliance designer, rogue doctor, or collector of miscellaneous curios. Spanning a decade, this highly inventive collection of narrative poems reveals the life of an obsessive, emotionally hesitant recluse, nostalgic for a future that will not come to pass.

Both of these brand-spanking new books of poetry will launch in both Toronto and Montreal in October. Click here for details.

Reviewer, You-er?

If anyone is interested in receiving free copies of Butcher's Block and We Will Be Fish, we are offering to the first ten people to apply the opportunity to review either book. We value both positive and negative feedback, criticism, and dissent. You express interest, we send you a PDF, you send us a review (either positive or negative), and we send you a free copy of each. Easy-peasy giraffe-sneezy. Write to us at if you're interested.

The Future Hygienic

For everyone who submitted to The Future Hygienic, thanks for your patience. We received more submissions than we could have hoped for, and are still in the process of jurying them. So hold tight: we will get back to each and every one of you.

If, for some reason, you don't want to receive any more of our galvanizing messages, write back to us and tell us how much you hate giraffes. Just say that. "I hate giraffes". We'll take you off the list pronto, and get it: you're into Seaworld.

"Sea" you soon!


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