Saturday, August 23, 2008

GET SCHOOLED: Silkscreen Workshop Sale at Peach Berserk (Fall & Winter)


A note from Kingi....

Our new book 'Peach Berserk's Silkscreen NOW' is now out, and doing
really well.

To celebrate, we are have a Silkscreen Workshop Sale! If you sign-up for any
of our upcoming Fall or Winter workshops, between now and the end of August you
will receive a FREE workshop DVD, and 10% off.

Please call to sign up today---416 504 1711. Not sure of the date that you want
to take the class? Just ask for a gift certificate for the workshop, usable

Here is an email that we got from Leo, who took our last Workshop---

Hey Kingi, it's Leo from sundays workshop. I just wanted to thank you and
your wonderful sidekicks for one of the best days ever! As I got on the
streetcar to go home that night, I smiled a real smile, which I haven't done
in sometime. I thank you for that. I can't wait to continue the screen
printing experience!
Thank you, Leo

Hope to hear from you soon, xoxox Kingi


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