Monday, August 18, 2008

CRAFTY CHAT: ERASURE? Conversations On Graffiti (September 20)

TheStoreFront Community launches their first large project challenging values assigned to neighbourhood graffiti:

graffitti bloorcourt village
Graffiti at Deleware - Bloorcourt Village. Ordered to be removed by the city

ERASURE? Conversations On Graffiti

Is graffiti art or crime? Vandalism or beautification? What is the connection between gang related activities and graffiti culture? What is good graffiti and what is bad? These are questions we'd like to address at the first large scale project of TheStoreFront Community that will take place on Saturday September 20. Property owners around the GTA, a few in our own neighbourhood of Bloorcourt and Bloordale Village, have been ordered by the City to remove commissioned art / graffiti from their properties. We would like to build dialogue on this issue with an exhibit, neighbourhood tour, discussion and interactive pieces to collect information from the public. Through documentation of our event we want to make a mark as TheStoreFront Community, measure our collective power and put our communication strength to the test with an issue that affects the urban landscape.

Visit the webpage to weigh in with your thoughts on this issue.

Also Need volunteers to help out with the event.

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