Thursday, August 14, 2008

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Fashion Project for [FAT] 2009 (deadline: Sept. 15th)

We are currently accepting proposals for a fashion project that will be exhibited during [FAT] Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, spring 2009. The final project will include 12 designers from across Canada, representing all ten provinces and both territories.

Applicants can live in their chosen province or hail from there - but intimate knowledge of the area is crucial.

This exhibition will collect designers from across the country to re-design their province/territory's representative stereotype. Tongue-in-cheek, absolutely, but the end result should be a slightly more accurate depiction of the diversity within our large country.

Deadline for proposals is September 15th. Final outfit deadline February 15th.

For further details, please go here.

Submission Requirements:

  • - sketches of proposed outfit, along with details regarding design choices.
  • - 5 examples of past work, with at least two demonstrating sewing ability. Collaborations between artists and fashion designers are welcome. Submissions can be send electronically to, or on disk to:
[FAT] Home Project
902 Cavers Street,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
S7K 0Z4

For more information, please contact


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