Tuesday, July 29, 2008

VENDOR CALL: 2008 Winter MADE Show & Sale (December 2008)

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Come hither and apply to MADE

The winter MADE Show Applications are now available!

Please contact the organizers and they will email one out to you - see a preview on their blog. For a review of the 2008 Spring MADE Show participants please visit the artist page here.

About MADE

The MADE Show is a group of artists and designers that create everything from fine art to utilitarian objects with focus on design and process in design.

As corporate buyers become increasingly estranged from the artists that produce their work, so do artists from the various stages of their own art. In order to compete with competitive pricing demands by buyers, many artists are forced to outsource elements of their work they would normally choose not to. Out-sourcing and mass production of art for design or function has many negative effects; Quality and individuality is often sacrificed, but more importantly, it weakens the social network of local and community-based artisans.

MADE is a step in a different direction. MADE invites participants to collaborate on ideas with the intent to keep the various stages of creative development within the art community. The idea of the show is to provide a platform where artists and artisans can create more involved process oriented work. There are no rules - artists will be selling both smaller priced functional items mixed with their more conceptual and innovative work. As part of each event, several Toronto based artists, shop owners and art spaces in the city will be attending in the hopes of strengthening the relationships between artists of various disciplines.

Come to the show, look around. Buy something perhaps - What we're trying to say is, buy less and buy better.


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