Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SHOP CRAFTY: Julie Moon's "Buy, bye Toronto" studio sale (August 2 & 3)

Damn am I bummed that I have to miss this. Good thing I scored one of Julie's amazing vases at the TOAE (pictured below - don't you just love him???)

julie moonstache 002

Julie Moon is going to grad school...

"Buy, bye Toronto"
… a studio sale.

(one weekend only. )

*355 Spadina Avenue, Toronto.

Saturday, August2nd,12pm-6pm.
Sunday,August 3rd, 12pm-6pm.

One-of-a-kind ceramic art pieces, for sale .
-other random stuff also available. ie: books, fabrics, clothes..

(*located above Uncle Jacobs used bike shop.N of Baldwin, S of Cecil. East side.)

Word to your mutha.


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