Tuesday, July 08, 2008

GET SCHOOLED: Summer Art Classes for Children (August 11-15)

embroidery Pheonix

Summer Art Classes for Children - Sewing, Drawing, Painting

August 11-15

Ages 9-12, adults welcome

$185 includes materials

Although the finished project is often beautiful as well as functional, the most important consideration is the process that students go through, a process that is both educational and therapeutic. For example, knitting, sewing, felting and sculpture perhaps most directly develop and train our fingers and the form building capacity of the hand muscles. Painting enhances color awareness, calms emotions and enriches imagination, while drawing trains fine motor skills, develops hand/eye coordination and has a calming effect on the inner life.

Art programs...

To register call or email

Kathie Young
33 Harbour Square (parking available)


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