Sunday, July 20, 2008

FROM THE DESK OF TCA: a little summer break

Hi readers!

In the interest of circumventing carpal tunnel syndrome & preserving mental health, TCA is taking a vacay! We will be back in business on Monday July 28th. In the meantime you can email us and we will get to your message upon our return. If you rilly rilly need to get in touch before then, email us anyways and a special secret email will be revealed to you to do just that.

Whatever will you do without TCA for a whole week, you ask? There are plenty of juicy crafty morsels around the site to nibble on while we are away! Why not:
  • Check out all of the resources listed on the right sidebar and visit a new shop or gallery around town
  • Catch up with some local craft bloggers (list recently plumped up by our fabulous intern Roz)
  • Peruse the ask crafty archives and offer your advice to your fellow crafters
  • Write to Laura-Jean with a Crafty Business question
  • Post some pics of your work to the Craft Toronto flickr pool
  • Check out the sites & coupons of the generous sponsors (listed on the left) that keep this ship afloat!
Have a great week & keep crafty

TCA Trunk at the Spring Thing
This would be the TCA suitcase. Get it?


Blogger Ghostface Knittah said...

I miss you already.

5:04 p.m.  

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