Thursday, June 05, 2008

SHOP CRAFTY: cats & crafts, together at last at Fresh Baked Goods (June)

A notice from Laura-Jean of Fresh Baked Goods:

Attention all cat and craft lovers! (Isn't that all of us?!)

June is "We love Cats" month at Fresh Baked Goods in Kensington Market! We've made special cat themed merchandise, including new designs by Cathy Peng, famous for her cat tee-shirt, totes, and portraits. As well, we have hand-felted cat pins by Holly Gilmour, and new cat jewellery by a new line, Sugar Rush! We have cat silhouette dresses and tees by Fresh Baked Goods, and a lot more (hair clips, buttons, and more!) Come on in, be inspired and pick up something cute for yourself or the cat lover in your life!

Enter our free draw and win jewellery, tees, gift certificates and more!

fresh baked cats
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Anonymous akulagirl said...

purr-fect timing! it's my mom's birthday and she's kitty krazy! yay.

12:33 p.m.  

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