Monday, June 30, 2008

CROSS COUNTRY CRAFT CHECKUP: Montreal Craft Digest (July 2008)

A short but sweet crafty news update from our Montreal correspondent Pamela Grimaud:


The Pomme-Pomme Craft Fair will take place on July 12 and 13th at La Salla Rossa on Saint-Laurent. Pomme-Pomme is a unique craft fair in showcasing over 30 crafty vendors. The event is organized by Amy Johnson from Atelier Woodenapples and Tom Devlin from Drawn and Quarterly. It's too late to apply as a vendor, but do spread the word and get in touch if you're game to volunteer. Goodies are in the offering!

And a word from Puces Pop for their Fall show:

We're now accepting applications for the best Puces Pop ever! Visit the site for all the information. Application deadline July 24th 2008. Get to it!


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