Monday, June 30, 2008

CRAFTY HAPPENING: Stitch 'N' Pitch 2008 (August 5)

A note from Haley of Knit-o-matic about everyone's favourite sports & craft mashup:

Stitch 'N' Pitch 2008


Fellow fibre arts enthusiasts,

It's time again for Toronto's annual Stitch 'N' Pitch! Stitch 'N' Pitch is a fun fibre arts event which gives needle arts enthusiasts a chance to practice our art while cheering for the Blue Jays. A group of tickets in the 200 level are offered at a discount of $20 (from $26), and the first 1000 people will get a free Blue Jays tote bag filled with yarn and needlework materials valued at $40. You'll rub elbows with famous Canadian fiber arts designers, authors and bloggers like Amy Singer and Stephanie Peal McPhee, who is throwing out the first pitch! Even if you aren't regular Baseball fan you'll find that it's really enjoyable, not at all boring, when shared with friends and colleagues. It's like going to a party where you don't know anyone and having a great time because you have a lot in common with everyone there! Its also fun for spouses and children to attend (plus you can keep their freebie bags for yourself!).

Where & When?
This year's event will be held on Tuesday August 5th, at 7:00 pm, when the Blue Jays host the Oakland Athletics at the Rogers Centre (formerly Sky Dome) in Toronto. For directions on how to get to the Rogers Centre visit their website.

How Do I Buy Tickets? PLEASE NOTE: If you want to sit with your friends from your fibre arts guild, group or Stitch 'n Bitch you should purchase tickets through your local fibre arts store!

1. Purchase tickets at your local fibre arts shop (knitting, crochet, quilting and other needle arts). They will collect $20 in cash from you, take down your contact information and contact you when the tickets arrive in the store. If you are located outside of Toronto ask your local yarn store store is they are organizing a bus or group excursion to the game. If your local store is not already selling tickets to Stitch 'n Pitch you can ask them to contact Rita Gramsch, Phone 1-888-123-4567 or e-mail

2. Purchase Tickets online here. Don't forget to input the promotional code GP-SNP08 to receive the discounted ticket price, tote bag of freebies and to avoid the regular processing fee.

3. Groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets directly by contacting Paul Rabeau at 416-341-1670 or

Online Resources
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TNNA Stitch 'n Pitch Website:
Blue Jays Stich 'n Pitch Website:
CRAFT magazine's Stitch 'n Pitch Projects:
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Facebook Stitch 'n Pitch:


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