Monday, May 26, 2008


wee! i spent sunday afternoon sitting in the park doing some crochet with friends. it was so nice for the weather to finally be nice enough to lay out in the sun and be able to do some crafts outdoors. did anyone else get to comebine the outdoors and crafts this weekend?

as part of the Toronto Craft Alert's goal to galvanize the city's craft community, we'd like to get a bit of a discussion going. discuss any crafty topic you like... we'll be re-posting this thread every monday morning, so that the discussions can continue in the comments section of this post.


Blogger My Belle Bijoux said...

I've been working outside on the nice days too - I love it!

Right now I'm working on a commissioned painting and I like to paint in my front yard (backyard has too many trees, so it's not as warm and it's too windy to keep a canvas on an easel). It's funny how people stop and look at me when I'm painting outside, like I'm doing something they've never seen before. Cars slow down as they pass my house... not too obvious?

I'm somewhat flattered that people like to see what I'm working on, but it kinda bugs me. It makes me feel a little self-conscious, being stared at.

4:47 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where did you get the white enamelware water/lemonade in the picture. I sure would like one of those.

5:13 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, I meant white enamelware water/lemonade bucket with spigot.

5:15 p.m.  
Blogger angelune@TCA said...

it's a borrowed image... maybe i should find a new one.

8:32 p.m.  
Blogger Ellen Timms said...

I took last week off and planned a whole lot of beading on my front porch up at Wasaga Beach - the weather sure didn't cooperate.

After reading this post I will be looking for the next nice day and some free time to "get at it".

7:00 p.m.  

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