Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CRAFTY HAPPENING: Art Whispers ’08 (June 1)

Suzanne Liska and Diana Groenendijk

Art Whispers ‘08
A One-Night-Only Live Exhibition!

Sunday, June 1st 2008
100 A Ossington Ave
Pay What You Can

Prestented by curator Sarah Henriques with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Come Witness A Multidisciplinary Game of Broken Telephone

As kids, we called it Broken Telephone - whisper in someone’s ear, have them repeat it to someone else, and so on, until the message is completely transformed. Who knew it was art?

The random alteration of form and meaning that emerges from Broken Telephone speaks directly to the relationship between creative impulse, accident and inspiration.
And it is the basis for our multidisciplinary Broken Telephone art experiment: a unique five-week creative journey in which 9 Toronto artists became links in a creative chain. Each artist (or group of artists) had one week to create their contribution to the project in their respective discipline, and then passed it along to the next eagerly awaiting participant.

It began with a poem that inspired a painting. The painting inspired a film. The film became the basis for a choreographed dance, which provoked the soundscape that resulted in the final installation: a theatrical performance. The theatrical piece was based solely on the soundscape, as the director has yet to see the dance, the film, the painting, or read the poem.

On Sunday, June 1st drop by the open studio to read the poem that started this creative procession, and witness how uniquely each of the five pieces turned out. Participate in a Q & A with the artists, meet curator Sarah Henriques the woman behind this entire project, and share in a magically interactive and inspirational experience.

Curator: Sarah Henriques
Poet: Emma Beltrán
Visual Artist: Norman Lup-Man Yeung
Filmmaker: Jeremiah Munce
Dancers: Diana Groenendiik and Suzanne Liska
Sound Artist: Thomas Ryder Payne
Theatre Director: Beatriz Pizano, with Actors: Carlos González-Vio and Laura Nordin.


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