Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CRAFTY BIZ: Shared retail space proposal from MaRGie Jewellery Studio

If this retail concept proposed by Michelle of MaRGie Jewellery Studio sounds up your alley, please contact her at michelle@margiejewellery.com.

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I'd like to open a retail store (my preference is Queen/Spadina area but I could be convinced otherwise) where approx. 4 other artists/crafters work out of. There would be a gallery space for selling artists work but mainly the store would be class focused. All the artists would have their own SEPARATELY functioning business but would share in rent, insurance (?), utility costs, working hours at the store etc. We would have to find a landlord that would be ok with the idea or at least someone who allows sub-leasing.

The people must be established artists and business people and be hardworking, especially when it come to selling their own classes/products. And must be available at least on a part time basis to teach their classes and work in the store. Lazy people do not apply.

Any art/craft form is fine ie metalsmith, knitter, sewer, printmaker, ceramics, sculpture, classic visual artist, scrapbooker, screenprinter, soap maker etc. as long as there is some kind of class that can be taught. My focus is metal and glass jewellery.

I'd love to hear from crafty business owners about the idea: comments, suggestions, interest in participating etc.



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