Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Knit Graffiti Patterns for Yarn Bombing book (deadline: May 30)


Mandy and Leanne are two bloggers out of Vancouver who write about knit graffiti at They are currently working on a book of patterns for fibre-based street art, so put on your spring-weight balaclavas and submit! Here is their submission call:

Are you a knitter or crochetier? Do you design (or want to design) unusual pieces of street art out of yarn? If so, you should design a pattern for Yarn Bombing: The Art of Knit Graffiti, to be published by Arsenal Pulp Press in fall 2009. A DIY guide to the art of yarn graffiti and a history of hand-crafted textile street art, Yarn Bombing will feature patterns such as street-smart disguises, useful wearable tools like gloves and tool belts, street art such as knit car cozies, bike covers and headlight toques, and outdoor installations such as crochet shawls for leafy trees. The sky's the limit as long as it's knit or crocheted! Projects should be fun, colorful and a little bit wacky. Designers are asked to submit a sketch and detailed description of their project, along with a brief bio, by the submission deadline of May 30, 2008.


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