Thursday, April 24, 2008

NERD CRAFT: Open-Contents glass project call for participation


Open-Contents is a project by Toronto based glass artist Brad Turner. It is an attempt to link the physical world of arts and craft with the voluntary electronic community. As an installation of 26 hand made bottles, collectively representing the letters on a keyboard, participants are encouraged to submit their own message, via website, to the character of their choosing. For every electronic submission, the message will be printed and kept within the corresponding bottle. As the bottles fill up, the grouping ceases to be a collection of glass, but rather a collection of personal gestures. Reflecting the nature of online participation, these gestures are recorded and archived, while only a few will be discovered.

Submitting a message is open to all. The piece will be changing exhibition venues throughout the year.

To send your message, please visit:

You may also visit the Facebook group here


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