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GET SCHOOLED: Sewing classes at Sew be it Studio (june-november)

Plan your sewing career ahead with this list of classes from Sew Be It. Give them a call to book your class of choice.

Beyond The Beginner

This short course is perfect for those who have taken our Beginner Sewing class but want a little more practice before moving on to the intermediate level.

This is the perfect stepping stone and chance to work on a new project.

Students will need to bring a pattern and material to the first class. Skirts or pants are recommended. We will send pattern recommendations upon registration.

Class runs for 3 weeks.
Beginner Sewing skills are a must.

Date: June 5, Thursdays
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: $135 + GST

Advanced Sewing - Suit Me Up

Fashion sewing at its finest and most artful! You can learn to make your dream jacket to fit like an Armani Jacket. In this course, you will learn tailoring techniques such as the lapel collar, two piece sleeves, inside structure, welt pockets and how to line the jacket properly. If you love fashion and are committed to building solid sewing skills, this course is for you. Once again, you pick your own pattern, so the possibilities are endless.

Class runs for 7 weeks

Date: June 23, Mondays
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: $275 + GST

Did you know.....if you have already taken the Advanced Sewing you can take as many times as you like at a 25% discount. Build your skill at this level by rendering a new garment.


Beading Appliqué for Beginners

Learn the three basic stitches for executing beadwork on fabric. A full explanation of tools and materials will assist the students in producing quality beadwork. You can enhance your finished project by combining color theory and patterning. Give your project that dazzle to complete the look!

Each session runs two weeks.

Date: June 14, Saturdays
Time: 2pm - 5pm

Price: $90 + GST
Price includes all materials and tools.


Vintage REVAMP

Want to turn a vintage bed sheet into a sexy summer dress? How about updating a frightening 80s tweed skirt, turning it into a figure-flattering new favourite? Do you see potential in that torn Dior suit your friend was about to toss in the trash? Almost anything can be revamped, updated and personalized. And at this workshop we can show you how.

We got the skirt pictured here from Value Village and revamped it. As you can, see the cut was totally outdated, not to mention the waist was too small. After spending approximately three hours cutting and re-stitching, the result is marvelous. The skirt went from awful to awesome! Now it's your turn to revamp.

Date: August 23, Saturday
Time: 2pm - 5pm

Price: $55.00 + GST

And our new Design Series……

Pattern Making 101 - The skirt block

Tired of commercial patterns? This introductory class delves into the realm of pattern making. You will learn to how draft and test fit your own skirt block. Through exercises you will learn how to take that block and manipulate it to create a basic A-line, circle skirt, flares, gores, godets, pleats, sarong, tiers, wrap skirt and yokes.

Topics include how to draft different styles of waistbands, how to include pockets, and draft your own skirt lining. You will learn how to design a skirt and then draft the pattern, test fit it and produce a finished skirt in your chosen fabric. Along the way you will also learn a few new construction techniques. At the end of this class you will have your own personal skirt block, a skirt that you have designed and a work book filled with information on how to draft your own skirts.

A good understanding of sewing is required for this class.

This is a 6 week course.

Date: July 3, Thursdays
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: $270.00 + GST
Cost includes all materials.


Pattern Drafting 2 - Pants

This second level of patternmaking is dedicated to pants. Learn to draft and test fit your pant block. Through various techniques you will learn how to manipulate your pant block to design various styles of pants from flared bell bottoms, shorts, capris, drawing string pants, and more. Also included will be waistbands, pleats, pockets, fly front and side zipper.

You will also design, draft and make your own style of pants using the techniques taught. Learn a few new sewing techniques as well. By the end of the class you will have your own personal pant block, a pair of pants that you designed and made, and your own work book full of information on how to design your own pants.

A good understanding of sewing is required for this class.

This is a 7 week class, each class being 3 hours.
Date: September 18, Thursdays
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: $299 + GST
Cost includes all materials.

Pattern Drafting 3 - The Bodice Block

This third level of patternmaking focuses around the bodice. You will learn to take all the necessary measurements to draft your own personalized bodice and sleeve blocks. Through various exercises, learn how to manipulate the blocks to create various styles. With the
bodice block you will learn how to manipulate the darts. Create tucks, flares, gathers, pleats, princess lines and yokes. From the sleeve block you can create shirt sleeves, bell, puffed, capped sleeves and more, as well as various cuff styles. And to finish it all off how to draft a variety of collar styles.

In this class you will learn how to design, draft your own blouse pattern using the skills you have been taught. There's always a few sewing techniques that are shown. By the end of this course you will have your own personalized bodice and sleeve block, a pattern that you designed and that is ready to sew, and a work book full of information on how to draft bodices, sleeves and collars.

An advanced knowledge of sewing skills is required for this class as it will be fast paced. There will be homework to be able to cover all the material in this class.

The best thing about this class is that once you have a bodice block, you are then be able to create a dartless shirt block, dress block, jacket and coat block.

For the first class students are to bring a workbook and a bodysuit for the taking of proper measurements. Please no t-shirts or swim suits or anything that has a deep neckline. The bodysuit should define the neckline, armholes and sides. As well proper foundation garments should be worn. Measurements are very crucial to drafting a bodice.

This class is 10 weeks

Date: November 13, Thursdays
Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: $340 + GST
All supplies are included.

Sew Be It Studio
2156 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M4S 2A8


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is So Be It the only garment making program in Toronto - sure seems like because you don't talk about any other company. Also why didn't you mention the Creative Fest. that took place this weekend at the International Center?

8:39 a.m.  
Blogger toronto craft alert said...

TCA is mostly a submission-based project, so we post what we get sent, and add other content when we have time. sew be it is consistent in providing us with information about their programming. if you work for or have class information from other garment making programs, by all means send it along and we will post it. we try to post about all the events & classes that we can, we just don't have time to get to them all, especially if they do not send us listings. we have posted about the creativ festival in the past and listed this event in the calendar this year. please understand that we are a small group of people trying to keep up with a flood of info & activities - a great thing, for sure, but can be a challenge!

9:22 a.m.  
Blogger madrugada said...

George Brown's sewing classes are very good too. Our instructor Lynn is absolutely wonderful. However I should note that they are teaching industrial sewing, i.e. no basting, no tracing wheel used, etc. The courses will be useful if you're looking for more efficiency IMHO.

The up side of the George Brown classes is that you're getting double the class time for about the same price compare to Sew Be It.

The down side is the school set the fees so low they never get enough student to enroll for the higher level sewing courses (i.e. Apparel Construction II to IV) to actually break even. As a result, a lot of the classes get cancelled the very last minute, which is very very annoying...

7:51 p.m.  

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