Monday, April 28, 2008

FROM THE DESK OF TCA: Submit your listings & Pump your neighbourhood happenings

Photo by smenzel

Promoting diverse and exciting craft activity happening across Toronto (& environs) and bridging gaps between different pockets of the local craft community is central to the mandate of the Toronto Craft Alert. Information sharing within craft groups and communities has always been essential to keeping things vital, and we need your participation in this project to keep its heart beating strong! Here are two ways you can do so:

1. Submit your listings and tell other people to do the same! TCA is a submission-driven project, so anyone is invited to send in a blurb & image about their thang for posting (no PDFs please). We have loads of links lists which your biz/project/practice probably fits into, so feel free to send along your url to be listed. Encourage others that can be served by this free promotional opportunity to send their info in as well. Listings & links can be emailed to:

2. Become a Craft Beat reporter! We would love to post more coverage of the craft scene in various neighborhoods around the city. Represent your 'hood by sharing the news on craft related resources, classes, events, shops, exhibitions, etc., or even letting people in the neighbourhood know about the TCA and encouraging them to submit their listings. We can offer you your own Craft Beat column for a neighbourhood roundup or special events coverage, or you can feel free to send things in willy-nilly as you come across them. Please contact us about your interest in covering your neighbourhood at:

Looking forward to hearing from more of you soon!


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