Sunday, April 27, 2008

CRAFTY HAPPENING/CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS/VENDOR CALL: The World Washi Summit , Washiwear Fashion Show & Washi Bazaar (June 7-15)

I have been hearing murmurings about this event for awhile and am happy to now have some official info to post about: The World Washi Summit will be taking place in Toronto from June 7-15 2008.

This is a comprehensive celebration of all things washi - bringing together washi makers, artists, distributors, curators, and consumers of washi from all over the world. What’s washi, you ask? The Summit website has a handy definition:

“Washi is the Japanese word that refers to the traditional papers, made by hand from indigenous renewable plant fibres, which have been continuously produced and refined in Japan for 1400 years. With modernization, the future of this craft is endangered.”

Part of the mandate of the Summit is to underline the practicality and sustainability of washi and to encourage the ever-shrinking group of washi makers in Japan to continue to keep this tradition alive. Also, Summit organizers want to draw wider attention to the artistry of washi-based work and the creative potential of the material.

Some Summit highlights include:

  • Exhibitions of artwork on washi to be held in over 35 galleries
  • Washi-centric workshops at the Japanese Paper Place and other venues
  • Special events such as a washi craft bazaar, demos of washi making, lectures on various washi-related topics, an auction at the Ontario Crafts Council, and even some washi performance art
Schedule and details are now up!

If you’re wondering how you can get involved, here are two opportunities:

1. A call for designers to create wearable items out of washi:

As part of the World Washi Summit there will be a Washiwear Fashion Show on the
second floor of the Gladstone Hotel on June 8th. If there are washi fashionistas out there who make or would like to make wearable items out of washi, we'd like to know about you! Please contact with a description of what you could create for this event.

2. A washi-themed craft bazaar:

Calling artisans who make jewellery or other small items (nightlights? frames? coin purses? cell phone cases?) with Japanese paper - including all types of washi and chiyogami! If you would like to take part in the Washi Bazaar on June 8, please send images of your work to Spaces are limited but we are looking for carefully produced, innovative work to be offered to the many guests attending the Summit from around the world.

mom's bag 001

Clutch purse made from undyed natural washi by Sara Craig (to be featured in Washiwear show).


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