Thursday, March 27, 2008

EXHIBITION: staetim: fourth year new media festival

A note from Ryerson University's School of Image Arts.

STAETIM: Fourth Year New Media Festival on March 27, 2008.

STAETIM is the third annual festival showcasing the thirty-five thesis projects of the graduating students from the New Media program. The event presents a variety of works that use computer technology to create interactive and immersive experiences. Students work in a wide range of mediums including: robotics, animation, installation, and interactive video. The festival not only celebrates the efforts of the students, but also seeks to raise awareness in the art community of the creative possibilities of the technologically enhanced artworks that emerge from Ryerson University.

Amongst this year’s highlights include Brandon Marsh’s, NMP Jacket; a wearable mobile-electronics outfit that encourages a direct social interaction and challenges the established conventions of public and private communication. With Soft Corps, Jordy Lucier has become a manufacturer of felt weapons, such as an AK47 and brass knuckles, in order to investigate the disconnection that is experienced between violence within the context of entertainment industry products and that of the real world. The robotic creatures in Tyler Robb and Ross Lavery’s Digital Prey offer an interesting twist on the conventional cat and mouse dynamic to those who play or those who watch the game.

Each one of the exhibited works will ask you to reach beyond your learned perception of fine art; they ask to you forget your inhibitions, forget your constraints, and instead to reach out and touch them.

These works are a mixture of human and machine that is needed, necessary, now. Stætim.

For more information contact Kimberly Lai call 416-277-0292 or email

Opening: Thursday March 27th 6-9pm
Exhibition: Friday March 28th 12-6pm and Saturday March 29th 12-6pm
Location: School of Image Arts 122 Bond Street


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That picture absolutely rocks!

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Anonymous Brad Fortner said...

I just posted my thoughts on the event at
I'd also like to my thanks to all of the talented people in the Image Arts School that put the Festival together.

10:26 p.m.  

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