Thursday, February 28, 2008

GET TOGETHER: church of craft this sunday

Church of Craft T.O. flag

A note from our Reverend Mother (of the Church of Craft):

It's cold, and it's going to snow again but we must forge ahead and anticipate the warm days to come… So, what I'm saying is that we should all come together with some tea and needles – of varying sizes and material and make stuff!

What better place to do this than the west end's favorite craft space, The Workroom (1340 Queen St. West) and what better day and time than Sunday, March 2 from 1pm – 4pm?

This will be a casual craft-on so bring whatever projects need finishing before the spring. Also, I'd like to throw out a biggish project idea for said spring/summer. That said, anyone with experience or an interest in public art (read: guerilla art/gardening) is welcome to come out and contribute to the discussion.

In craft, Leah


Anonymous Allison said...

Oh shoot, I'm out of town. I'll have to try to make the next one.

4:17 p.m.  

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