Thursday, February 21, 2008

GET SUPPLIED: knit t.o.

knit map 2

I just stumbled upon this quite incredible knit shop mapping resource: KnitMap. Anyone interested in finding knit shops around town (and sharing your raves and gripes about them) should take a gander. Not only to they plot knit shops in Toronto, surrounding regions, and hell - the world, on a map, but they also allow you to comment and rate each shop. So far In the Loop Café is a popular fave. Go ahead and weigh in with your votes...

And then coincidentally Becky sent me a link to this handy blog: Yarn Shops in Toronto. She gives an overview of yarn shops throughout the GTA, highlighting their features and sharing tips on discounts and sales. Not just the biggies, either – she did a
profile on alpaca farmers Eugenix. [Sadly things posting has slowed (stopped?) but still an excellent resource].

Look at crafters getting organized! Love it.


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