Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CRAFTY HAPPENING: craft & design sunday

Phewph. This craft nerd is still recovering from a marathon weekend of craft & design. Friday night and Saturday was the Crafting New Traditions symposium at Harbourfront Centre (stay tuned for Lucie’s commentary on this event). This necessitated a design cram session on Sunday to catch the Interior Design Show and Come Up to My Room at the Gladstone before making it over to the workroom for the tail end of Quilt Sunday and a huge messy fabric swap. I am still thanking MADE for extending their Radiant Dark show to March 2nd so that I can rest up a bit before checking that out.

Here is a little photodoc of my Sunday travels. Click on the flickr badge at the bottom to see more.


Loyal Loot collective forest2
Forest installation by Loyal Loot – indie design cuties from Alberta. I love how the trade show lighting streams through this like sunlight….

Jennifer Graham ceramics
Jennifer Graham’s wabi-sabi ceramics

Mushroom stools
Yummy mushroom stools – part of the Ministry of the Interior collection


Magic Pony Collection CUTMR08
The Ukrainian tradition inspired Magic Pony room was ridiculous. As in ridiculously good….work by Julie Moon, coe&waito, and Elizabeth Ulrich

Twig Warmer
There was no end to the cleverness in Motherbrand’s Souvenir Shop room – like this Twig Warmer by Caroline Arsenault. Rumour has it that the SS will remain at the Gladstone as a permanent fixture…

the workroom

Drawing a Blank Merit badge
My souvenir of the day was an embroidered and illustrated Merit Badge by Lee Meszaros, celebrating my ability to “Draw a Blank”. Pictured here on top of a super lovely quilt by the super speedy Claire Milne.



Blogger angelune@TCA said...

AMAZING! I also loved that forest installation at IDS. I wish these events had been more spread out, I wanted to see everything! but alas I didn't manage it...

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