Sunday, February 24, 2008

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: short video/film for kino05

TCA reader Su-Ying Lee thought some of you might be interested in this call for submissions:

I know many crafty types are multi-talented....

Call for Submissions – Short Video/film


For screenings at Camera Bar March 18th & April 29th

Kino05 – a collective of artists working in film and video, invite you to join us by submitting work for upcoming screenings at Camera Bar, Toronto.

Call for Submissions – Short Video/Film Work

Submissions guidelines:
-Length: 1-10 minutes maximum; there is no restriction on theme or genre
-Submit your video for consideration to :
13 Tyndall Avenue, Unit 1, Toronto, ON Canada M6K 2E8
or drop off to the same address, bottom mail box
include your full name, telephone, mailing address, email contact information and the title of your work

* To have your work returned to you, please include a postage-paid envelope with your address
*If you wish to send your work digitally, please contact for instructions*

-If selected for screening you will be contacted via email.
-deadline for March 18th screening is March 11th
-deadline for April 29th screening is April 15th
* work submitted by March 10th may be considered for either screening date

About Kino05:

Inspired by the Kino motto: "Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it now!" the femmes of Kino05 have decided to do better for videomakers-and to do it right now, by relaunching the Toronto cell of the international Kino movement.

Anyone, no matter their experience level, can submit work to any of our screenings. Submissions are divided into two sections: a fierce and focused grouping of work and the thrillingly risky free-screen where anything—well, almost anything—goes. On our free-screen we're looking to open up a space for strange and sublime experiments, accidents and work-in-progress. LAUNCH COMING SOON

The principle members of Kino05 are:
Irene Cortes
Lauren Di Monte
Michelle Edmunds
Su-Ying Lee
Cherie O’Connor


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