Sunday, January 27, 2008

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: submit your love stories

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Vancouver based jewellery artist Colleen Baran is looking for love stories for a very cool series of wearable love letter pieces and publications. Read on for the deets, and follow the progress of the project on her blog.

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Submit your stories of love. Select stories will be used in an artist book & zines (that may be made into a book) while very select others may be used in pieces in my 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' Series ( The handmade book will be used in my upcoming solo show "Like Wearing a Love Letter' at the Crafthouse Gallery (March 27th to May 4th, 2008) in Vancouver Canada. Further showing tba.

I’m collecting 'stories of love'. I'm looking for the full spectrum of love, both good and bad: lustful, platonic, passionate, bitter, pure, joyous, brief, long-term, deep, shallow, unconditional, etc. Love of a partner, a vocation, an idea. Do you have a secret crush? Have you fallen in love? Have you fallen out of love? Tell me about your first kiss! What makes you excited to wake up in the morning! Tell me who and what you love!

All languages are welcome! Though 'non-English' submissions would be best accompanied by a rough English translation. I currently have stories from Canada the United States and Italy.

To put the stories into a sociological perspective I'm asking for brief (largely optional) biographical info (as below) to accompany the story.

1) Name (very optional) or Initials (also optional):
2) Sex:
3) Age:
4) Country (needed) and City (optional):
5) Title (optional):
6) Story (a single line to a few paragraphs):

Email stories to with the subject line 'Share Your Love'. DEADLINE MARCH 1ST for inclusion in upcoming show. Specify whether you are submitting for both the book and the jewellery or just the book. Those that do not specific may be used in both.


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