Wednesday, January 09, 2008

EXHIBITION: 11 o'clock @ convenience

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Tania Ursomarzo
11 o'clock : urban textiles and the handmade space series
installation, 2008
open Jan 8 – close Feb 6
street vernissage, Jan 17, 7pm

11 o'clock responds to the shadows cast within the window of convenience by natural and artificial light sources in the immediate environment during the day and night. The installation works with the pattern of shadows and the existing window frame to establish a framework for the woven thread. The shadows and, more specifically, changes in light manipulate the visibility and invisibility – and space – of the constructed lines of fibre. The installation also fluctuates in appearance with the movement of people, cyclists, cars, etc.

The main body of Tania Ursomarzo's current art practice consists of an ongoing series of full-scale, interior and exterior, site-specific fibre installations in the urban, built environment. Constructed from a continuous piece of nylon fibre, the installations string together the space between existing or found objects and the architecture on a site and, in effect, weave an "urban textile". The physical installations are produced through a method of drawing in space whereby the artist employs her body through the medium of thread as the thread traces her movement across the site. Ursomarzo works with thread to create woven, veil-like surfaces that play on found conditions and highlight found space. It is the urban, built environment which both stimulates and creates the work, dictating a series of parameters within which the installations exist. The path of the thread takes it cue from existing elements on the site, for instance columns, railings, cracks, sign posts, trees, etc. which, in turn, negotiates a structure for the weave. The installations become "virtual surfaces that are contingent on what you can extract from found structures". Each site is a process of discovery. In this body of work, all fibre installations are individual and unique to the project space.

convenience is a window gallery that provides an opening for art that engages, experiments, and takes risks with the architectural, urban, and civic realm.

24/7 window gallery
58 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto ON M6K 2V9
(at Seaforth Avenue, one block North of Queen)

Contact: Tania Ursomarzo


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