Thursday, December 06, 2007

EXHIBITION: joe & josephine @ MADE

I'm new to this collective & excited to check out their lovely looking work...

MADE introduces - Joe & Josephine
An installation by Joe & Josephine, December 13th to February 3rd 2008
Opening Reception Thurs. Dec. 13th 7-9PM
(Art, Design, Craft - a little bit of everything!)


Crochet Light by Caroline Arsenault and Heather Mcgaw (of J&J)

This self-titled exhibition by new design collective Joe & Josephine explores the small and sometimes overlooked areas of our homes. From the environment of a small room they present the most personal and meaningful of useful objects.

Joe & Josephine carefully distill the accumulation of the many things we keep. In the corner of a drawer, on a bedside table, or collecting dust on a ledge; no matter whether we toss it carelessly or place it tenderly, our "things" reveal much about who we are. Things contain our memories, histories, emotions and wishes and reveal our secrets as they sit silently. They believe that nearly forgotten, dust covered items or cluttered window sills or the corners of a room are trails to knowing someone. Any such venues in your home are a tiny personal gallery, of which you are both subject and unwitting curator.

Joe and Josephine is a collective that brings seven young designers together as they work across the disciplines of ceramics, fibre, industrial design and jewelry and printmaking. The recent graduates from Ontario College of Art and Design work together from a unique multi-disciplinary studio space. It allows them to teach, learn, inspire and collaborate with each other.

Branch Pin by Caroline Arsenault (of J&J)

They reject disposability in design and unite to consider human beings and their complex relationships with objects. Joe & Josephine took their name from Henry Dreyfuss who studied the limits and measurements of the human body. He created two fictional characters "Joe and Josephine" embodying the physical and psychological characteristics of every man and woman. The collective share their name and Dreyfuss' goal "to fill the gaps between human behaviour and design".

867 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON M6J 1V6
P. 416.607.6384 E.


Blogger katherine said...

Thank you so much for your awesome post! And we hope to see you at the opening!

Katherine Morley (Joe & Josephine)

11:18 p.m.  

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