Friday, November 23, 2007

EXHIBITION: found and crafted at xpace

An interesting experiment in dumpster diving at Xpace:

found and crafted

Explorations in furniture

NOV 23 to DEC 8 2007

FRIDAY, NOV 23 from 7 – 10 PM

Andrea Chin / Andrew Morton / Amrita Takhar / Gina Yu / Joel Pollock /
Grace Park / Erin McCutcheon / Marijan Zelic / Mike Kicul / Willie

Gord Peteran and Ted Hunter give ten emerging designers the same
brief: go find a chair on the street, analyze the reasons behind its
disposal and reconstruct the chair in any way desired…the outcome does
not necessarily need to be a chair. Through this restoration both
history and newfound potential within the chair are exposed. Using
this reconstruction as source material the designers make new chairs
to highlight the discarded chairs strongest points. Found and Crafted
showcases the result of this innovative design initiative: each new
chair is displayed alongside a photo of the discarded, restored chair.

The designers featured in this exhibition are students in their final
year of the Ontario College of Art and Design 's prestigious
Industrial Design program. This program investigates customer and
commercial projects, furniture, interaction and experience design,
strategic creativity and applied innovation. Engaging in extensive
research and analysis, these emerging designers develop new products
and experiences while addressing current and emerging human needs.

The work featured in Found and Crafted exemplifies innovative and
rigorous design practice. Walking the blurry line between art and
design, Found and Crafted examines the cyclical nature of objects,
creating a discourse around what a chair as furniture is, and what it
can be through investigation and manipulation.

XPACE Cultural Centre
58 Ossington Ave
Tuesday to Saturday 12-6


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