Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CRAFTY LIT: new craft column "sew what"


Rina from The Sewing Studio wrote to tell us about Sew What, a new craft column she’s started where she posts updated projects once a week. The column appears on She Does the City, a Toronto-based site aimed at, “gals looking for a life less ordinary." According to Rina, Sew What projects “aren't Martha Stewart type crafts, although we love her, but hip kinda funky twists on old favourites.” Like the owl tea cozy above.

Rina is really interested in involving readers as much as possible so if anyone ever has a request to learn how to do something, or a craft that they really want to share she’d love to read, respond to, or post it. Contact Rina

Where to find Sew What:
Or click on “Costume Cupboard” on the main page of the She Does the City and find it towards the bottom of the page.



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