Sunday, November 18, 2007

CRAFTY HAPPENING: dance dance party party t.o.

Dance Dance Party Party
From the DDPP website. Soon to expand northward??

I am way swamped with crafty projects, otherwise I would be starting the Toronto chapter of this NY-based initiative to provide a space to shake your boots on a regular basis without having to go to a club or house party. Reminds me of my very brief (and very laughable) stint as a punk rock aerobics instructor, or my attempt while living in Mtl. to start Front Liberation de Dance (FLD) - an impromptu living room dance party network.


Dance Dance Party Party is more than a dance party, it’s a mother effin’ revolution! It’s a judgment-free zone full of amazing ladies just like you. We guarantee you can do your funkiest, craziest dance moves and no one will bat an eye because we’ll all be doing the same.

THERE IS NO TEACHER so you can feel free to do what you want. Want to spin? Spin! Want to jump? Jump! Want to sit in the corner and do yoga? Sweet! Do it!

Dance Dance Party Party is just like being out at a club with your girlfriends without the expensive cover charge and sweaty dudes grinding on you (ew) and trying to get yer number (no).

Leave your painful high heels at home, but bring your workout clothes because you will SWEAT!

So… what are you waiting for?


Someone needs to make this happen in Toronto! Contact DDPP to get going on it.

If you do, please let us know. I will be there with sweats on!


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