Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CRAFTY BIZ: blue banana market grand opening

Nicole of Precious Pink Designs wrote to share this invite to the Grand Opening of Blue Banana Market, a new artisan marketplace located in the heart of Kensigton Market.

Blue Banana invite
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I have been meaning to post about this space since coming upon it by accident a couple of weeks ago. It's kind of an antique mall type concept where you pay to rent a case or table, or wall space and the market provides sales people who sell your work for you. The space is open concept and kind of warehousey (it was unfinished at the time I visited) with big glass doors. There was also proportionally more imported & manufactured crafts than locally handmade ones, which kinda bummed me out, though many spaces were yet to be occupied.
The location is great (right near College on Augusta), and I was thinking that if lots of local crafters joined up it could develop into something interesting. According to Nicole they are offering the first 2 months free (perhaps for a limited time) as an incentive to get in on the action.

The owners state the following re: cost:

We have many spaces available for artists, Walls, Tables, Shelves,Showcases Booths depending on location and area the prices can vary.

Most Showcases are $175.00 per month with lock and key, wall spaces are $200.00 per month, Shelves are $100.00 per month.

If you do decide to check it out (either as a customer or vendor), please report back - I'd love to hear your impressions of the space & concept.

For more info on the store visit their site: www.bluebananamarket.com


Anonymous Nicole said...

I joined the Blue Banana Market a week before it's grand opening and wasn't sure what to expect but am pleased to see some sales happening! (you can keep track of your sales online) I'm not paying rent for the first two months (a deal that's going on now) but have made my "would-be" rent in just a little over a week. The rent is cheap enough that I'm not too worried about winter sales. I'm very much looking forward to Spring/Summer as it will be in the middle of pedestrian sundays in Kensington.

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