Wednesday, October 17, 2007

VOLUNTEER:streetknit needs knitters for city of craft

Knit house image from Knitting Site.

OMG, I am really excited about an intallation that
StreetKnit will be bringing to City of Craft: a knit house.

Please read their call for volunteers, for this architectural venture as well as for their booth.

1.) Volunteers to woman/or man the booth of both the knitty and anti-poverty ilk (if you are together in one package, all the merrier) to help us spend the day there. I believe both myself and founder Sadie Lewis will also be in attendance. We will have information on hand about streetknit, homeless in Toronto, and knitting, so you won't be, you know, up a yarn river without any needles. If this is of interest, please email Sadie at

2.) Volunteers to help with an installation. One thing we keep reiterating is that we can't "knit shelter." Well, at City of Craft, we aim to try. If you want to help us knit our house, please let me know. Exceptional knit architects will be welcomed with open arms and a cup of cocoa! If this is of interest, please email Ryan at


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