Friday, October 19, 2007

CRAFT SHOW: crafty television

i happened to catch the last few minutes of a new HGTV show she's crafty this week, and i was impressed! on the episode i caught, host Wendy Russell (of the vancouver craft mafia) re-vamps a yard sale find into a cute new chair with some paint and an old t-shirt. much to my roomate's chagrin, i've been collecting old chairs to refinish but haven't yet gotten around to it. with a bit of inspiration from ms. Russell, i may just get down to business and turn the old chairs into fabulous new pieces.

the hgtv canada website states that crafts aren't just for grannies anymore (duh!) and that their show demonstrates that crafting can be fun and easy. well, we all know that crafting can be fun, and with the magic of television it sure looks easy. so if you're looking for some inspiration or you just want to see what it's about, tune in to hgtv canada on monday nights at 8.


Blogger vania said...

I've seen the show too a couple of times and am also impressed - plus there's a good balance between tuturials, info and cool guests!

7:57 a.m.  

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