Thursday, September 27, 2007

EXHIBITION: memento vivere - new shadowbox curiosities by magda trzaski

memento vivere [reminder of life]


New shadowbox curiosities by Magda Trzaski

In memento vivere [reminder of life] artist Magda Trzaski exhibits her trademark characters in shadow boxed scenes. Her interest in compartmentalization; taxonomy, order, boxes, collections, cabinets of curiosities, and photographs held captive within their frames has captivated her work and style for the past seven years.

As discussed in a recent review of her work, “Her tiny sculptures of gangly limbed and cracked-skinned characters enclosed within shadow boxes, redefine and reconstruct the norms of life and escape which, in turn, present a depiction of the beautiful decay of life. Her exaggeration of surrealism through her animal-inspired characters alludes to elements of mystery as well as a reminder of our own mortality. There is a looming feeling of cynicism, and a sense of life floating away that can only be contained within Trzaski’s shadow boxes. The strange, yet intricate figurines highlight dark undertones of otherwise-innocent subject matter.” (Emily Lam, university of Ottawa's FULCRUM, September 10, 2007)

C1 art space
44 Ossington Avenue
October 5 to November 4, 2007
Reception: Friday, October 5th at 7pm
Gallery Hours: Thursday to Saturday 12 to 6pm, Sunday 1 to 5pm or by appointment


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