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crafty guide to Nuit Blanche 2007 - Zone C

this is part 3 of the TCA's list of Nuit Blanche events with a focus on crafty themes or handmade goods.
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Nuit Blanche.

Zone C

Locust, 2005
Noboru Tsubaki and Hishashi Muroi - Hyogo, Japan
Noboru Tsubaki and Hishashi Muroi - Locust, 2005
Noboru Tsubaki's lone, gargantuan Locust descends upon Lamport Stadium. Separated from its migratory swarm, its status as a remnant or threat of airborne plagues to come is unclear. Is this cute, colourful, cartoon-like insect a real threat or a personal omen? What is our crime and what is our defense? Do we take comfort in Liliputian safety? For how long will these ropes hold? For how long can we keep our fears at bay?

Femmebomb, 2004 - Janet Morton
Janet Morton - Femmebomb
In this adaptation of Femmebomb, a wellworn, often overlooked concrete edifice is consumed by a giant shock of pink, a textured flora. Here, with magic realism, the domestic arts amplify and reveal the darker workings of an interior. Passers-by are invited to touch a site destined for and concerned with the care of those individuals at risk in the community.

Fluorescent Dome - Michael Bartosik
Michael Bartosik - Fluorescent Dome
Situated on the edge of Trinity Bellwoods Park, a luminous fluorescent dome serves as a beacon for the city. Universal in form and origin, it resonates in a dynamic equilibrium; unifying cultural difference through a non-hierarchical structure.

Bloor Nightlight - Dyan Marie Projects
Group exhibition

Artist Dyan Marie, with more than 30 contributing artists, takes back the night with 10 transformative light art projects.
Streetlight Sculptures
Curated with and work by Orest Tataryn and others. Overhead sculptures are exhibited fixed to city streetlight poles creating a street-long exhibition of contemporary light art.
Light House
A projection house made of ice created by Joe Fleming, with his videos glowing through the walls.

Body Light
Fashion, performance, projections, videos and installations transform the House Of Lancaster Strip Club and surrounding area at 1215 Bloor St. W.
Clouds of Doubt
Objects and lights sources wrapped into place along the street create lingering clouds by JP King and Stephen Marie-Rhodes.
Bloor Bike Light
A bike parade, tricked out in light for the night. Curated and bike by Bruce Ward with Mark Greenhough, Herb VandenDool and others.
Store Sculptures
Storeowners host light sculptures made for their storefront windows by participating artists working in neon, blown glass. Light installations by Ian Worling, Alfred Engerer and others.

Plus, miniature light sculptures, wearable light jewellery, apartment window installations, light hand sculptures and roaming green "vine people".

The Late Great Pom-Pom Exchange - Knit Café
The Late Great Pom-Pom Exchange - Knit Café
Learn to make pom-poms in this audience participation installation piece. Create a pom-pom, then trade it for another in this enormous pom-pom exchange which will grow larger all night long.

Paul Petro Multiples & Small Works - Home-made Home-grown
Miles Collyer

A series of hand-stitched flags and wall tapestries that reproduce emblems used by the politically unofficial. A one-night performance will also occur in the space on the occasion of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

XPACE Cultural Gallery - Wall + Paper
Curated by Matthew Nye

XPACE presents a group of emerging artists and designers, who will be installing wallworks throughout the night. Each piece considers the conceptual and stylistic possibilities of wallpaper.

Fly Gallery - Water Fountain
Katharine Harvey

"Water Fountain" is a site specific installation constructed out of recycled transparent plastic objects at Fly Gallery, a storefront window on Queen Street West. The installation is lit up at night with LED lights that shift and change colours throughout the evening.

Ontario Crafts Council - Elemental Connections
Group exhibition

An exhibition of Sustainable Craft examines the notion of sustainability and intends to make a strong connection between the natural elements and their artful interpretation.

The Smith Café and Gallery - Urban Talismans
Elana Ginsberg

Urban Talismans explores this relationship with wearable objects through one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery in gold, silver and mixed media. The Smith Café and Gallery will be open all night with full café service of espresso, coffees, organic teas and decadent treats.

Index G - G (art)Fair 07
Group exhibition

At INDEXG, G (art)Fair 07 is an annual event held in a professionally operated gallery showcasing 30+ Canadian artists from the collectors' watch-list as well as artists of the new/neo generation.


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