Friday, August 17, 2007

GET SCHOOLED: custom sewing classes


Fashion designer/Costume Designer offering semi private and private sewing classes at affordable rates.

Learn to sew from a down to earth individual in the comfort of your home or come out with your friends for an afternoon of friendly sewing and chatting.

Classes range from beginner- advanced, couture techniques, vintage, reconstruction (turn one garment into something new and original), and personal pattern making. If you would rather take a stab at interior design, l can help you there too. Also offered: special classes geared towards creating the hottest trends at bargain basement prices and with the accessories to match! I strongly believe that any person can learn how to sew and have fun at it. The sewing machine is not a monster ladies! If you prefer to hand sew, l can teach you professional industry secrets.

Feel free to contact me for further information or to discuss your sewing needs. Cheers!



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